Tuesday, August 7, 2007

RAW Returns To Form

RAW began with Vince dismissing the death storyline (a great move in starting over), saying that he did it himself. This is a huge improvement over what I expected, some drawn-out whodunit line. Instead, that storyline was done and over with in a matter of seconds.

Next, in a very Attitude Era-ish move, an immediate battle royal was started, with the winner becoming the new General Manager. Regal won, of course, using some usual trickery, but the general idea of shaking things up on RAW was beneficial enough that it didn't really matter who won.

They aired about 20 different videos with the promo of Triple H's return, a great sign that he'll be given an immediate push and win the title from Orton following SummerSlam. The fact that the WWE is focusing on its real stars (Carlito, Orton, Kennedy, and yes...even Cena) is refreshing and a much-needed departure from the typical parading of Khali, Henry, and their ilk.

The Booker T-Lawler feud continued, which has become a very enjoyable secondary storyline. The King is great on the mic and in the ring (even though his move set is limited), and I think he adds a lot to the show. Booker got the victory via shenanigans tonight, though.

The only low point of the night is when Umaga was brought back into the Cena mix, but with the VERY talented Orton and Carlito to balance The Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga wasn't all that awful to watch.

Of course, RAW went off the air as Vince McMahon was told that he has an illegitimate child. If that doesn't SCREAM "Attitude Era," then I don't know what does.

Utilization of the best wrestlers along with interesting, provacative storylines made this RAW the best since before WrestleMania.